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What exactly does a Humanist wedding celebrant do?

So you have heard of a Humanist wedding or Humanist celebrant but what exactly do we do? Well firstly, let’s differentiate between a registrar (legal registration of your marriage) and a Humanist celebrant (super fun, laid back and amazing-well that’s me anyway!)

A registrar registers the legal change in status you have when you marry. In England and Wales only a registrar can legally marry you. To do this head over to your local council’s registration department to arrange. The ceremony itself can take as little as 15 minutes, you only need yourselves plus two witness and you can save your vows and rings for your wedding day with me.

A Humanist wedding celebrant will write a bespoke, non religious ceremony just for you!

The relationship I build with my couples is one that I take great pride in building over many months, many get together’s at my place or yours, your wedding venue, walks with the dogs or over lunch at the pub! I spend time gathering all of the information about you that you wish to share and we talk at length about how you envisage your ceremony. It is totally bespoke so that you are in control of every element, every word, every ritual. Once I have all the information I need to start writing I write your story into a gorgeous wedding ceremony. You have total control and we edit as we go until you are completely happy. Length wise your ceremony can be pretty much any length you like it really is up to you! Some of my couples want a short and sweet 15 some want a long ode of 45 minutes. Most go for 25 minutes.

I offer venue visits as and when you need them, I offer a rehearsal and am always up for any inside info on catering options, outfit fittings or floral chat-basically anything you want to share with me I am all over it! I am genuinely as excited about your wedding day as you are and become quite invested in your love story especially in the months leading up to your wedding day. I am always at the end of the phone/text/WhatsApp/zoom/insta/email for any query no matter how big or small.

Couples become friends. It’s true. Like any relationship you get out what you put in and I put in my all.

Your ceremony is the only one I perform a day so I can be at your venue to meet and chat with your guests beforehand, check in with you and make sure that everything is perfect.

After performing your ceremony you receive a keepsake script and a mahoosive hug and my warmest congratulations! I like to think of Humanist ceremonies as a sort of friendly, laid back and fun group hug. Your guests will thank you for enabling them to unashamedly revel in your joy as much as I will be doing.

So 15 minute never met this person before job or massive bespoke love fest?

I am more than happy to chat about your ceremony and offer no obligation meetings to help you decide on what is best for you. Let me know if you’d like explore by dropping me a message.

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I adore what I do and it’s always a privilege to write a truly celebratory ceremony, in a way that represents who you are and that creates lifelong memories. Let’s start the conversation.