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Tying the knot ritual.

Are you considering a knot tying ritual? This is an ancient Celtic ritual that sees couples bound together by their wrists in a ritual representing their strong internal bond.

Different to a handfasting, the tying of the knot symbolizes strength and unity and I love them (they make for gorgeous photos too!)

Knots have place in many cultures and folklore and traditionally symbolize an unbreakable pledge. As the knot strengthens under pressure-so the inevitable ups and down of life-it is a popular ritual for couples wanting to express their union as one of strength despite life’s challenges.

I like to use twisted cords that come in all sorts of colours and patterns which could tie into any colour or themes you may have. Alternatively you can use any special fabric, nautical rope, ribbons or even scarves (rival football teams anyone?)

The number of cords you use may hold relevance, two-one for each of you with words spoken about the space created within the knot for each of you to continue to grow individually and together. Three may represent three of your most dearly held values.

Whatever you choose your tied knot will be a reminder of the union you have made especially if you put it on display somewhere in your home. It’ll certainly be a talking point for guests and will allow you to re live the moment. Lush!

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