Jamie Walker Celebrant

The ring exchange.

Will you be exchanging rings? What do your rings mean to you? How did you choose them? How and why did you choose the material? Are they vintage/heirloom/based on someone else’s? Are they inscribed? Are the bespoke made?

Most couples choose to exchange rings or other tokens-brooches, watches, necklaces, as a central part of their wedding ceremony.

The wording surrounding this can be as simple or elaborate as you like but I always think it is nice to spend some time telling your guests about your rings or tokens and giving them a bit of a backstory. Of course you may choose to have your rings warmed by all of your guests ahead of them reaching you too (see my earlier rituals post)

Consider who will hold onto your rings until they are needed. Are they going to be held in a pocket? A bag? A cushion? Alternatively I would consider having them laid in a small bowl on a side table ready for me to retrieve when we need them.

Ideally your ring finger should be free of your engagement rings-but this is entirely up to you. The idea is that your wedding band should be worn on your third finger of your left hand and be closest to your heart, so you could put your engagement ring on your other hand for the ceremony and put it back on afterwards.

Couples repeat some short phrases after me that are simple yet incredibly emotional as they take turns to exchange rings.

We close the ring exchange with some reflective words and a moment of calm. You are likely to be holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. It’s fine to linger here a moment, I guarantee you will love it.

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