Jamie Walker Celebrant

My own wedding.

🌿Recycled, repurposed, up cycled, re-used, borrowed, DIY, real love, real couple, meaningful, sustainable, friendships, family, nature loving, fun.

🌿These are the words that spring to mind when planning an upcoming shoot. These are the values that I had at my own wedding.

🌿A family member provided our food (yes when we ate meat he actually shot the deer we had🙈) our amazing chef friend cooked for us, his wonderful wife was my right hand woman-organising everyone and everything!

🌿Our evening cheese tower was epic! Tiers of our favourite cheeses (we just bought rounds from the supermarket) bread, crackers, butter, chutneys…all served on vintage side plates which several years later I bought for sentiment!

🌿Another artist friend made the stunning headpiece I wore and the wrist corsages for the girls and buttonholes for the boys with leftover fabric from my dress train which was tailored to fit by another amazingly talented dressmaker friend!

🌿My dress was vintage from eBay-it was everything I had dreamed of and had been searching for everywhere! It was just £98!!! My engagement ring was €10 in Venice where my husband proposed and I have two wedding rings-a vintage little sparkler I fell in love with in an antique shop and a traditional gold band. Just Because!

🌿Our three cakes were made as a gift by our very good friend who actually introduced us to each other! Omg that chocolate and beetroot!!! We had these for dessert and for the evening.

🌿The band was incredibly started by a friend of my brothers whom he had known since he was 7! They were amazing! We danced and danced and danced!! Our first dance was a self choreographed swing medley!

🌿 Massive thanks to our friend who DJ’d during the last couple of hours even though he was massively intoxicated 🥴

🌿Two photographer friends spent the day snapping in between drinking, food and dancing to create the most gorgeous memories for us.

🌿We managed to bag the stunning and a little bit bohemian Anstey Hall in Cambridge for an absolute bargain as we got married in February.

🌿We wrote our own vows and both gave speeches. I regularly return to read them as they are the bedrock of our relationship. The words I said then are still true today. I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach when I think about them and remember the feel of the lip wobble, voice break, tears in my eyes and then when I look at all our friends and family and connect with them eye to eye, heart to heart-that magic will never leave me. That is my wedding day highlight.

🌿So there you go, my real wedding with my values!

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