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Love from Norfolk!

🌼Some virtual flowers just for you! Here in Norfolk I have been sat at my desk contemplating the best way to serve couples going through postponement, dealing with register offices, and generally feeling in limbo as months or possibly years of wedding planning take a twist.

🌼Firstly MASSIVE hugs to you! Once you have given yourself time to grieve what was, you will be wanting to find out about what your options might be and possibly even have a long hard think about what your perfect day looks like-is there anything you want to change?

🌼Consider your ceremony as being a true reflection of you and your values, what do you want to say to each other? What tone do you want your wedding to have? How do you want your friends and family to feel?

My weddings range from those with traditional undertones to out right raucousness, from lighthearted sincerity to deep and meaningful odes. Whatever your vibe we can make it sing!

🌼By having a Celebrant you get to really take time over every element in your ceremony and the result will be an incredibly personal and unique occasion. 🌼Not to mention you can have your ceremony where you want it and when you want it! 🌼I am taking bookings for next year so if you are thinking about your wedding take 2 or even the first go then please get in touch for a no obligation chat to find out more.

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I adore what I do and it’s always a privilege to write a truly celebratory ceremony, in a way that represents who you are and that creates lifelong memories. Let’s start the conversation.