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Flower Confetti love!

🌼Anyone who knows me well knows I adore flowers! There is always a vase/jug/jar of blooms on the go in our house, several sometimes and I cannot resist filling my arms at a flower stall (Norwich has some amazing ones!)

🌸My personal favourites are peonies, dahlias, ranunculus, roses…with lots of greenery!

🥀 I always save petals once they start to droop as I can’t bear to throw them away! I currently have a bowl of last months petals by the sink in the kitchen which makes washing up a little cheerier. I’ll use dried cut roses on wreaths or to tie to gifts. I think it’s the ‘functional’ side to my personality or is it frugal? Either way I love to get creative with things that might otherwise be thrown away…

So Confetti! What’s that all about?

💐’Confetti’ is derived from Italian for sweets-sugared almonds, which though not thrown were rather given as favours. What was thrown at festivals and carnivals in medieval Italy were fruit, coins, mud and even eggs!

Soon sweet covered seeds replaced this and then plaster imitations, followed by paper and flowers thrown at weddings to celebrate the couples marriage.

This tradition spread throughout Europe where the French preferred coloured paper discs.

🌾 Meanwhile the British had been throwing rice, wheat and barley-symbols of fertility. This was soon discarded in favour of the French paper discs and of course flower petals.

🌺Today couples usually provide confetti if they want it used but don’t forget to check with your venue about what they prefer and where they prefer it thrown. A couple of baskets where guests can take a handful is more environmentally friendly than individual cones or packets, so unless you have plans to reuse those perhaps a basket is a more eco friendly approach.

Also talk to your photographer-confetti shots are stunning!

Will you be having flower confetti?💐

Image: Fortnum & Mason

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