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Consider your ceremony seating.

With more and more couples choosing to have their ceremonies outdoors you can really get creative with seating arrangements! Pinterest is your friend for ideas but also consider what your venue offers/what works well in the space that they have and think about the tone you want to create from the minute your guests arrive at their seats or no seats!

You will also want to consider any elements in your ceremony that lend themselves to a particular arrangement. For example a passing of the heartbeat ritual takes on next level emotion when performed in a circle.

1. Seats in the round (though I’d probably make a small gap behind so that guests weren’t looking at my back)

2. Rows of chairs but with a soft curve inwards making it feel much more relaxed and informal.

3. Spiral seating -again minding backs!

4. Picnic style blankets for sitting on the ground-very chilled!

5. Formal rows-good when space is snug but try and curve where you can.

6. Chair choices: chairs, benches, hay bales, sofas, picnic blankets, standing, some seating and some standing.

Consider also the length of time your guests will be standing for, my ceremonies are about 20-25 minutes long which most people can manage but it’s fine to have some guests seated and some standing too.

And what about you? You are of course very welcome to sit to the side for some of your ceremony, listening to your story for example but I think it’s nice for you to remain standing after all your guests want to see you-let me know which you’d prefer.

Happy planning!

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