Jamie Walker Celebrant

Gerry and James. Wellington Wood, Norfolk. May 2022

Love, connection, commitment, laughter, tears, warmth, realness, heartfelt, authentic, kindness, patience, support, personal, space holding, joy, happiness, relaxed, privileged. Just a few words that come to mind when I think about Gerry and James’ woodland wedding and our journey together. What a festival of love this was! Family and friends flew in from all over […]

Liv and Dan. South Farm Wedding. April 2022

“Oh my god so…” is how Liv and Dan each began their vows!! This wedding, in The Old Dairy, was full of all the wondrous emotions of life. Lots of love, lots and lots of laughter and life affirming moments. Surrounded by all their friends and family Liv and Dan’s ceremony was jam packed full […]

Ciara and Ben. Sissons Barn Wedding. April 2022

This very very funny and very moving ceremony took place at Sissons Barn in Peterborough. Ben and Ciara chose to write their own vows and they were incredible. Weeks of planning and writing made them absolutely perfect. And very emotional. Luckily Ciara had had the foresight to leave boxes of tissues at the end of […]

Mareike and Matthew. South Farm Wedding. April 2022

This was an absolutely beautiful, heartfelt and intimate wedding for a truly beautiful couple and we even included a naming ceremony for their little boy too! Packed with shared values, funny stories and a hand-tying ritual with 8 family members and accompanying well wishes. Love, laughs and more love and bang on 39 minutes (no […]

Here are my 7 top tips for writing your Personal Vows

Your wedding vows are a public declaration of your love and commitment to one another.  For many couples choosing a Humanist wedding allows them the freedom to write their own vows because their entire ceremony is bespoke to them. If you take one thing away from this it has to be this: vows written from the heart […]

Top 3 reasons to choose a wedding celebrant!

1. CHOICE. You get to choose who delivers your ceremony -so, choose one you really like! How they deliver it -there are bright and colourful storytellers and quieter memory makers, again find one that resonates with your vibe and where and when your ceremony takes place – wedding ceremonies can and do take place anywhere […]

What exactly does a Humanist wedding celebrant do?

So you have heard of a Humanist wedding or Humanist celebrant but what exactly do we do? Well firstly, let’s differentiate between a registrar (legal registration of your marriage) and a Humanist celebrant (super fun, laid back and amazing-well that’s me anyway!) A registrar registers the legal change in status you have when you marry. […]

Flower Confetti love!

🌼Anyone who knows me well knows I adore flowers! There is always a vase/jug/jar of blooms on the go in our house, several sometimes and I cannot resist filling my arms at a flower stall (Norwich has some amazing ones!) 🌸My personal favourites are peonies, dahlias, ranunculus, roses…with lots of greenery! 🥀 I always save […]