Planning your wedding ceremony.

I read a lot of wedding websites, magazines and articles! One of my favourite websites is The Natural Wedding Company for their honest writing, not to mention being environmentally minded. Their blog post on planning is well worth a read you can find that here:

I particularly like their point about ‘Creating an awesome ceremony’ but feel the need to add some more meat to the bones on this. Your wedding is totally about you and your partner deciding to celebrate your love for each other in a way that reflects you in all your glory. Creating a ceremony this special takes time and effort, so when should you start planning this, the most important aspect of your wedding day?

It is not unusual for couples to start planning their wedding two years in advance, though it can be done in a lot less of course. As soon as you have decided that this is the way you want to celebrate your love for one another then you will need to start thinking about what you value most and what is financially and emotionally practical. There is no point overspending and taking yourselves to the brink of stress, talk to each other and list your most important elements of the day. Hopefully your ceremony will be somewhere in the top three!

Your venue choice may dictate a date you need to set for your wedding but remember your Celebrant-me! can perform your bespoke ceremony at any location. You can pop to the registry office a week or so before, say the contracted words and then have your intimate heartfelt ceremony with all your family and friends.

Cambridgeshire registry office offer various packages but the £46 basic registration of marriage (where you only require two witnesses and only say the contractual words-about 50 and don’t need to exchange rings or say vows) is not advertised on their website…hmmm…you need to ring them up, leave them a voicemail and they will ring you back-I know because I did this last week to fact check. They only had two slots for this service left this year, one in Cambridge and one at their Ely office so it looks like this option is fast becoming very popular! Another reason to give your notice to marry and book your registry office quickly!

In Norfolk the fee is £50 and for specific days and times only. So better ring up and check as soon as you have a rough date in mind.

So, you have found your venue and set a date, given notice and booked the registry office, time to call your Celebrant and meet up. I will find out all about how you met, listen to your love story and begin to get an idea of the tone you would like your ceremony to take, humorous, serious or a bit of both. If we click then I will begin writing your script, weaving your story and your personalities into a beautiful ceremony that may also include rituals such as a handfasting, sand or rose ceremony. We can talk about including reflections, readings, poems, songs from family and friends and discuss the choreography of the ceremony, both length and who stands where! Obviously the more time I have to craft your ceremony the better and more time for you to tweak any bits that need tweaking before leaving it alone ready for your wedding day.

You may wish for some guidance with writing your vows which I would be happy to help you with at no additional cost. This might be useful if you want to keep each set a surprise from the other, so my role would consist of checking for consistency of tone and length for example. Again the more time given for this the better.

So, in a nutshell, book your Celebrant as soon as you have a date in mind and have a venue. I cover Cambridgeshire and soon to be Norfolk, so do get in touch and we can meet up and create something magical.

Jamie x

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