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What’s in a ceremony?

Planning your own ceremony can seem like a daunting process. After all did you really pay attention the last time you witnessed a wedding ceremony? Or perhaps you have only attended religious ceremonies and don’t know where to begin with crafting your own without religion.

With Humanist ceremonies becoming increasingly popular due to their non-religious nature and a firm focus on your story and your values it is no surprise that couples are choosing to personalise their ceremonies in all sorts of ways.

Your ceremony should be the focal point of your day and remembered for being full of your personality and in a tone that speaks to you.

So, where do you begin? It helps to look at the basic structure of a ceremony to get your bearings and to then build on what you would like to include and decide what you want to leave out entirely.

My ceremonies all include the following:

Processional (the bit where you walk to the ceremony site)

Welcome and opening remarks

Your story (your values, your why’s)

Vow exchange

Ring or token exchange

Pronouncement (You are now married!)

Closing words

Recessional (the bit where you walk out jubilant!)

These are the building blocks from which your ceremony will be crafted. But trust me no two ceremonies will look or sound alike because every element is created around your preferences in tone, style and delivery (though fun, upbeat and dynamic are my absolute faves!)

Readings, singing, unity rituals (handfastings, candle lighting, drink sharing etc) are all additional elements that you are free to include depending on your vibe.

My ceremonies are all around 20-25 minutes. The perfect length to ensure guests are held captivated! Any shorter and it just feels a bit meh and rushed and any longer and your guests will start to drift. 20-25 minutes is spot on.

Feel a bit less daunted? Great! Fancy a chat about your ceremony? Don’t hesitate to get in touch or just let me know if this was helpful for you.

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I adore what I do and it’s always a privilege to write a truly celebratory ceremony, in a way that represents who you are and that creates lifelong memories. Let’s start the conversation.