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NEWS FLASH:You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing! How to have an unconventional ceremony.

⚡️You don’t want to walk up the aisle with all eyes on you? Instead: Have a procession with all of your guests to your ceremony location instead. (Yes that does mean you can have a drink and catch up before the main event! Winner!)

⚡️Extend the procession idea by having baskets of instruments/flags for your guests to play/wave like a wicked gang of pied pipers as you move to your ceremony spot!!

⚡️You don’t want to exchange vows? Not a problem. Write a letter to each other either to be read out by your Celebrant or sealed in a box for your 1st Anniversary or to be read in private after the ceremony.

⚡️You want some sort of vows but that isn’t really ‘you’ consider banter vows or saving words for the speeches if you are having those. You will be much more relaxed by then and might feel like saying something. When I married my husband I gave a speech and it was the highlight of the day for me.

⚡️Photos-You don’t want posed shots? Easy-don’t request any. Choose a photographer that fits your laid back approach. If you can stretch to a videographer then defo consider one. I didn’t, regret it but frequently go back to the video I have of one of my children being born. It is magical!! And we now make a lot of home made films!

⚡️What about food?-sit down meal not your thing? Have a bbq, food truck or picnic instead. If you can stretch to canapes or bar nibbles straight after the ceremony your guests will really appreciate it! Some might not have had lunch/travelled far and will be hungry and you really don’t want any alcohol to kick in too early!!

⚡️How do your guests know what to do and where to be? Consider printing an order of the day to go in invites, make a wedding website and put information on there. Paint pallet boards or similar and prop about your venue on the day. If you can afford an on the day co-ordinator they are worth every penny and will ensure your day runs smoothly especially if your venue is your back garden or another diy space.

⚡️Want value for money? Choose a Celebrant that aims to ‘get you’ from the first chat, finds out about your ideas for your day and plans a bespoke experience from start to finish. Someone who will be as excited about your plans- not just your wedding day but all the build up to how you got to this point too. Happy unwedding planning!

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I adore what I do and it’s always a privilege to write a truly celebratory ceremony, in a way that represents who you are and that creates lifelong memories. Let’s start the conversation.